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Three Situations Where Duct Cleaning Is A Must

There’s nothing more satisfying than a spotless home, but ducts can be unclean. HVAC ducts, the metallic conduits used to pipe cool or heat air throughout your home, can be a preferred concealing spot for dirt, dust, and other allergens. 

Ductwork is hidden, and since the central air cooling system draws air in from outside to cool it and circulate throughout the house, allergens easily find their way into your home.

Three Times When Cleaning Ducts Is Vitally Important

  • There Is Mold In The Ducts

Air conditioners and furnaces are susceptible to condensation, so mold growth is possible, particularly in the case of humid regions. If your technician informs you that your HVAC system is undergoing mold growth inside of it, request to see proof. The next step is to consult a mold specialist for air duct cleaning services in Groveland, FL

You might not have the skills and qualifications to detect mold correctly. You should seek an indoor air quality expert. The presence of mold on your air conditioner, furnace, or air handler does not mean that your ductwork is damaged; however, it definitely can increase the chance. 

A certified technician for air duct cleaning in Groveland, FL, will thoroughly clean your home’s HVAC unit and ductwork to get rid of the mold.

  • If You’re Dealing With a Pest Infestation

Do you have a visible rodent or insect infestation? Seeing these types of things in your house is irritating. It gets even worse when you realize they’ve infested the duct system. 

It’s not uncommon for creatures of all sorts to make their way into the ductwork. Once they make their way into the ductwork because it’s secure compared to more open areas in a home, they remain there. If you’re having no success in controlling an infestation of pests, it’s a good idea to have your ducts professionally cleaned.

  • Your Heating And Cooling Expenses Are Increasing

The cost of cooling and heating will be consistent over the year. If you review your receipts and see that your energy costs are significantly higher than one year ago, it could be because your home’s ductwork may be at fault.

In the most extreme instances, the ductwork may be so dirty that the air cannot flow smoothly and efficiently through your home’s HVAC system. If this happens, the furnace and air cooling system have to be more efficient to keep the temperature you set on the thermostat. This additional energy consumption results in higher energy bills for you. You should hire a specialist for air duct cleaning in Groveland, FL.

In addition to removing airflow-blocking dirt and other debris, the air duct cleaner will also look for leaky air ducts. Ductwork is typically placed in homes in sections. The segments are sealed to stop air leakage. After an extended period, however, the seals will begin to wear away and reduce the effectiveness of the HVAC unit.

To Sum Up

Are you ready to make a scheduled professional appointment to clean your ducts? Contact Superior Vents for full-service air clean-up you can trust. We are experts in maintenance duct cleaning, deep cleaning, various HVAC services, and indoor air quality improvement. Call us at (352) 449-2589 to schedule an appointment for air duct cleaning services in Groveland, FL.